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Meridian Circle Advisors (“MCA”) is a private capital firm serving as partner and advisor to principal investors.  We have expertise in corporate finance and M&A&D advisory, private debt/equity investments, and commercial operations.  We have experience working and partnering with global institutional including private and public corporations, institutional investors, family offices, public-private partnerships, international commercial banks, and sovereign investment vehicles. 

MCA has a comprehensive knowledge base with respect to private capital, restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions, and cross border transactions. We partner with and advise investors on various forms of financing including, but not limited to private equity, mezzanine, senior, and project debt, as well as buyside, sell-side and going-private, hostile defense, recapitalization and restructuring transactions. 

To complement our financial expertise, MCA offers clients and our partners various operational and commercial services and skill sets in order to aid our clients in the formulation and execution of their long-term business plans.  Our commercial consultancy engagements focus on providing a comprehensive solution for our client and bridging the operational and strategic hurdles required for a sizable liquidity event that maximizes shareholder value.

Our senior professionals have collectively executed over $10.0 billion in financing transactions with an average of 20 years of experience in investment banking, private equity, and executive management.




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Principal Investments

Commercial Advisory

Industry Focus: Real Assets

Transaction & Advisory Team

John H. Nghiem,
Managing Director & CEO


Board of Advisors

The MCA board of advisors helps our team set strategic direction and addresses direct tactical issues which may arise during the course of a particular transaction. Our advisors have diverse backgrounds and bring a particular area of domain expertise and global relationships to our group in order to help our professionals devise the optimal solution for our clients.

Board Members

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